Start generating revenue today through managed security services

It can take up to 4 years to build a Security Operations Centre (SOC), but with MSSD you can provide customers with managed security services 和 start generating recurring revenue now.


$50B total addressable market by 2023

Twice as fast revenue growth for MSS compared with traditional resale

40% of organisations will use an MSSP as a critical part of their security operations strategy

Complete your services portfolio with our

MSSD监控 & 报警

24/7 SOC-Based MDR (Managed Detection & 响应)

  • MSSD Security Automation 和 Orchestration Platform
  • Threat Event Enrichment, Analysis 和 Correlation
  • Incident 监控ing, 报警 和 RCA
  • 远程违反支持
  • 安全指示板
  • 遵从性报告
  • 基于ai威胁狩猎*
  • Post-breach调查*

MSSD监控 & 报警

24/7 SOC-Based MDR 预防管理 & 对策 (积极的管理)

  • 可用性监视和备份
  • 运营和容量管理
  • 更新和升级
  • Policy 合规 和 Best Practice Validation
  • Device 和 Policy Configuration Change Management
  • 自动交战规则
  • 政策的拓扑报告
  • 行为基线*


  • All resources are accessed in a secure manner, regardless of location
  • Least privilege: access control is on a ‘need-to-know’ basis 和 is strictly enforced
  • 永远要核实,永远不要信任
  • 检查并记录所有流量
  • The network is designed from the inside out

识别分类 所有数据及相关风险

Map 所有流量DND事务流

识别 所有流量和事务流

设计 a logical segmentation of datasets/application

监控 the network; Inspect 和 log the traffic; 和 update rules based on your behaviour analytics

rules on your segmentation or policy gateway based on expected behaviour of the data (user 和 application)



  • 我们可以安排一个演示吗?

    是的, 盛博体育 can provide customers with a demonstration of the portal 和 the associated workflows. A proof of value can also be delivered providing the customer has defined 和 agreed the success factors.

  • MSSD服务可以白标签吗?

    MSSD is a service delivered 和 br和ed by 盛博体育. 然而, if the ongoing service requirements of customers is of significant level, then white-labelling is a possibility.*

    *Subject to contractual requirements between the partner 和 end-user.

  • 支持哪些产品?

    Currently, MSSD services support the following vendor solutions:


    • NFW (Fortigate)
    • FortiAP
    • FortiSwitch
    • 安全SD-WAN



    • NGFW
    • Cortex-XDR防止
    • Cortex-XDR职业
    • 棱镜访问
    • Redlock



    • 火力
    • Meraki MX设备
  • 这个报价在全球范围内有效吗?

    是的, this offer is available for customers worldwide.

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